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Update History (07/27/21)

Changelog by @thepancake1:

  • Fixed a bug where clothes would be invisible on the Ironing Board;
  • Fixed compatibility with The Sims 4 patch PC: / Mac: (July 20th, 2021). (07/15/21)

  • Fixed a bug where in some instances Sims would appear 2D while lawn mowing;
  • Fixed a bug where the Use Lawnmower interaction would be canceled for no reason;
  • Fixed a bug where Gardeners/Butlers would not clear the lawn;
  • Gardener Service can now always be hired if you have a lawn, even without an actual garden;
  • Improved lawn mowing performance when there are many outdoor plants on the lot;
  • Overgrown Grass will no longer contribute to a Green Eco Footprint;
  • Take Out Grass interaction now automatically destroys unreachable grass patches;
  • Sims will now autonomously Take Out Grass only if they like Gardening;
  • Sims will now autonomously Use Lawnmower only if they like Gardening or Outdoor Activities;
  • Sims will now autonomously Watch Grass Grow only if they're Bored. (06/29/21)

  • Added the Detergent object by @Nathan
  • Checked compatibility with the latest game version.
  • Removed the Totally Necessary Towel Set object by @Nathan until further notice. (06/25/21)

  • Added Welcome Message
  • Added the Totally Necessary Towel Set object by @Nathan
  • Added the Ironing Board object by @thepancake1
  • Sims will no longer autonomously Watch Grass Grow
  • Increased Lawnmower destruction power; 
  • Grass will no longer grow on apartment lots; 
  • Grass will no longer grow inside other objects; 
  • Grass will no longer grow on covered areas; 
  • Grass can no longer be stored in Household Inventory; 
  • Floors/Walls will now automatically delete Grass Objects on Build Mode; 
  • Grass Objects can now be deleted using the Sledgehammer Tool on Build Mode; 
  • Added Destroy Grass Patch cheat interaction that will instantly delete all Grass Objects in the area; 
  • Sims are now able to mow unreachable grass; 
  • Sims will now use the lawnmower more efficiently; 
  • Fixed some instances where Sims would take the lawnmower inside their house; 
  • Fixed a bug where Sims would get stuck on top of a Grass Object while trying to mow it; 
  • Fixed a bug where the Overgrown Grass buff would stay even after all grass was cleared; (05/23/21)

  • Initial Version Released

Mod Summary

This mod introduces mundane objects and activities into the Sims 4 that makes Sim Life that much more realistic in Earthly terms. 

Summary of Changes

We added/changed the following:

  • GRASS GROWTH SYSTEM: No longer will your Sims just have a pretty lawn every day. Grass patches will sprout up all throughout your Sim's lawn. 
  • NEW OBJECT - LAWNMOWER: Eventually your Sims will want to clear out all the grass patches before they start withering away and giving zero curb appeal. An Infinity Cordless Lawnmower will take care of those pesky patches and give your Sims the lawn they deserve. 
  • **COMING SOON** NEW OBJECT - TOWEL SET: Previously your Sims could take showers and not have to worry about clean towels. With this set used, your Sim will have to keep up with their clean towels on hand for each Sim.
  • NEW OBJECT - DETERGENT: A re-use of the Laundry Day Dabra Laundry Detergent as a Laundry Additive.
  • NEW OBJECT - IRONING BOARD: A new animated object that will allow you to iron out wrinkles in the laundry or a Sim's current outfit.

Lawn System

Every two days, grass will grow on any grass-painted ground. Depending on how big the lot is and how much grass area is available, you may not see grass cover the entire lawn for a balanced-out experience with game performance. As soon as you see grass patches, your Sims can mow the lawn with the new Infinity Cordless Lawnmower or take the patches out with their own hands. They will also have the ability to Watch Grass Grow. Your Outdoorsy Sims will enjoy these activities while Sims that are high gardening skills will also enjoy these activities and be more efficient in their lawn care. 

 When using the lawnmower, your Sims will autonomously cut the grass once started, but if they ever get stuck, click another grass patch to keep them going. 

You can find this new object in Build/Buy mode called SimRealist - Infinity Cordless Lawnmower in Outdoor Activities. 


Grass growth is disabled on Business Lots, NPC Residential Lots, Community Lots, Apartment Lots, and on desert worlds like Oasis Springs or StrangerVille. Grass growth is also disabled during the Winter season if you have Seasons installed.

Gardener and Butler NPCs will cut the lawn if there's a lawnmower available.


In another update, your laundry tasks are about to get a little longer. When in-game, each Totally Necessary towel set must be designated to a Sim; meaning each towel must be claimed by a Sim in order for their towel usage to count. Each time they take a shower or bath, the towel usage will go down by one until you'll either need to "claim" another set or do laundry. 


Included in this upcoming update is the ability to add Dabra Laundry Detergent as an additive to your wash cycle. I mean, who wants to put actual flowers or food to make their clothes smell a certain way? It makes more sense to have a more synthetically pleasing smell and doesn't hurt the environment without having to pull it from your Sim's garden or fridge.

Sims 4 Laundry Day Pack required!

Ironing Board 

The last item included in the upcoming update is an animated ironing board that allows you to remove wrinkles from laundry or the clothes a Sim is wearing. 

Sims 4 Laundry Day Pack required!


Do I need to activate this mod for it to work?

No, as soon as you load up a save, this mod becomes active in that save. No action required. 

What about NPC Households? Will grass starting growing there if not attended?

No, grass should only grow on your Sim's Active Home Lot. No other residential or commercial/community lots will have the grass system in effect.

I have a suggestion on making this mod even more, where do I leave that suggestion?

Please post your suggestions while this mod is in Development, in our Discord channel - #patrons-forum (https://discord.gg/x6bFyNT)

Compatible With: 

Patch 07/27/21 PC: / Mac:

Conflicts/Issues/Notable Items Observed:

  • None that hasn't already been noted.




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HLC will be publicly available for non-patrons on September 25th.

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