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Mod Summary

The goal of this mod pack is to rework the Health system of the Sims 4. Exploring the ability to take care of your Sim's Health all under the same roof if you wish. ***REQUIRES SIMS 4 GET WORK***

Public Mod Guide:


Summary of Changes

We added/changed the following:

  • NEW CHEATS - DISEASE FIGHTING SIMS: You can now enable or disable a setting on an Active Sim or NPC Sim to make them wipe out illnesses that other Sims experience based on contact/proximity. The Herd Immunity experience is about to get a lot more easier to manage. 
  • NEW WORLDS - NEW ALLERGIES: With the addition of San Sequoia and Chestnut Ridge, we've added some additional allergies to these new worlds to explore. I mean, exploring new territories should be filled with sneezing. Am I right? Of course, you can also disable allergies within the Sim's debug menu as well.
  • NEW ALLERGY CATEGORY - GRASS: You can hank Chestnut Ridge for this one with its' Prairie Grass. We got to match realistic expectations by having it, ya know. 
  • NEW NOTIFICATION: Ever wondered if Linda overcame that Stomach Bug? She was forever showing progress, and then something just reverted her back? Well, now you will get a little notification to let you know the illness has passed. Keep in mind that there is a chance some lingering effects might be present or show up, but that should be all you see once that notification appears. 

Most of the main parts of the Appointment process are the same as in previous iterations, but we adjusted it based on the feedback given in the past. Be sure to place at least one Clinic before making an appointment. Please re-read the warning at the top of this post and follow the instructions found at the bottom of this download page.

When you start a new save or a save that didn't have Private Practice loaded in, your Sims will start to experience symptoms of either an illness or allergy. Your Sim's world NPCs will also get ill. You can't send those NPCs to the clinic; they have to run through a Herd Immunity process. Their illnesses should be less frequent after that first exposure. You can handle your active Household, though, by sending them to the Clinic to be diagnosed and have access to the needed medication.

Now, if at least ONE Sim in the Household has a standard Career (not a freelance or one that owns their own business), Check-ups are FREE and Sick Visits are 80% cheaper!

You now also have the ability to make ALL VISITS  FREE with our new Free Healthcare cheat that can be found in any active Sim's debug - Private Practice menu. You need to have testingcheats true enabled in order to get this menu. 


We've also fine-tuned the in-person Clinic visit to be more responsive. You'll find your Medical NPCs more readily available, making the visit quicker for those who want the hands-on experience. Exams should also happen as soon as they are requested rather than waiting for the NPC to finish whatever tasks they are working on.

On the day of the scheduled appointment, your Sim will get a reminder. All PATIENTS will be put on Vacation so they will be ready when the time comes (mod adds a day of vacation, so no days lost). Caregivers will be called away from any job or location they were at for the appointment.

When it is time, you will see a pop-up to start the appointment that includes three options when your Sim's appointment starts. You can go with them, send them off by themselves, or cancel the appointment if your Sim needs to attend to something else. For the In-Person option, the mod will send your Sim(s) to the location of their appointment. Once there, follow the Guidance System for this Appointment. It will tell you what you need to accomplish with each patient scheduled.

Allergies System

Version 2.2 added a new Allergy System based on the regional plant species' pollen and spores that can develop allergic reactions over time. Certain pollens/spores are more allergenic than others (i.e., Mother Plant spores due to their invasive nature).

To start, you will want to set up a Checkup appointment at your Sim's Clinic or Health Center. During this Checkup, their Nurse Practitioner will deliver the results for any allergies that you will need to be aware of when sending your Sim out into the world. The first checkup will often reveal little to no allergies, but by design, you should see a change in this report.

Allergies List:

  • Newcrest Cypress
  • Newcrest Ragweed
  • Willow Creek Willow
  • Willow Creek Ragweed
  • Leaf Mold
  • Britechester Birch (Discover University Pack required for this allergy)
  • Del Sol Valley Ragweed (Get Famous Pack required for this allergy)
  • Granite Falls Cedar (Outdoor Retreat Pack required for this allergy)
  • Guzmania Pollen (Jungle Adventure Pack required for this allergy)
  • MotherPlantSpores (Strangerville Pack required for this allergy)
  • Windenburg Ragweed (Get Together Pack required for this allergy)
  • Windenburg Spruce (Get Together Pack required for this allergy)
  • Glimmerbrook Spruce (Realm of Magic Pack required for this allergy)
  • Sulani Hibiscus (Island Living Pack required for this allergy)
  • Brindleton Bay Ragweed (Cats & Dogs Pack required for this allergy)
  • Evergreen Harbor Pine (Eco Lifestyle Pack required for this allergy)
  • Dust Bunnies (Bust the Dust Kit required for this allergy)

As your Sim(s) develop Allergies to the above possibilities, you will notice negative emotional buffs appearing, giving you a heads-up that you may need to give your Sim(s) one of the Allergy Medications below. 

TREATMENTS (objects found in Build/Buy - search Private Practice):

Cold and Flu System

This mod version introduces a contagious Common Cold and Influenza virus system. Both viruses have their respective seasons (Common Cold is Fall/Winter, and influenza is Winter/Spring).

Sims have a chance of bringing home an illness from school or work or potentially catching a Cold if they’re cold or wet (not 100% realistic, but the chance is about the same level as a weather-related illness in the Sims 2). The Common Cold’s incubation period may be symptomatic (respiratory symptoms, throat discomfort, and dulled sense of taste), while the flu’s incubation is more common, with the virus’s effects coming on at once.

Both viruses carry a chance of a fever (Feverish buff from Get To Work), but a cold may bring about head congestion (pressurized buff from Get To Work and occasionally a headache). New storytelling social interactions are included, inspired by the Sims Mobile story events: Ask if Feeling Okay, Offer Tea, Suggest Calling in Sick, Offer Tissues, Ask How to Help, and Criticize For Getting Sick. Traits impact the sims’ reactions to such interactions.

TREATMENTS (objects found in Build/Buy - search Private Practice/Capsule Kiosks/by purchasing through a computer, pillboxes, and medicine cabinets):
Home Remedies: orange juice, green tea, to-go green tea, bee tea, wellness tea, and naps.

Infections System

This system introduces Ear, Sinus, Respiratory, and Strep Infections to the game. ll Infections are more likely for sims with allergies from the allergen system.


Only strep Infections are contagious and can lead to (a currently very mild form of) scarlet fever if untreated. Strep Infections can be contracted while a sim is at school.


Ear Infections are more likely to occur when a sim is swimming, and a Sinus Infection is more likely to occur if a sim is experiencing a moodlet like “Stuffed Up.”


Respiratory Infections are extremely likely for sims who are smokers or exposed to secondhand smoke in games using Basemental’s mod.

TREATMENTS (objects found in Build/Buy - search Private Practice/Capsule Kiosks/by purchasing through a computer, pillboxes, and medicine cabinets):

Additional Viruses

NOROVIRUS - Stomach Flu

Norovirus can be contracted at school or through the “What’s Up Chuck?” Parenthood chance card; it can also occur occasionally through an occasional event. It’s contagious through a broadcaster and causes symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea (faster bladder decay). There is a “throw up” self-interaction for sims with norovirus who cannot find or use a toilet (Child sims, particularly, as they lack the toilet interaction.) Toddlers, who cannot experience vomiting, will instead have a loss of appetite (slower hunger decay), diarrhea (faster bladder decay), general fussiness (faster attention decay), and fatigue (faster energy decay).

TREATMENT: None, except to keep your Sims home and comfortable.


Mononucleosis can be contracted at high school (if they have the “had first kiss” trait, letting them possibly kiss an infected significant other during school hours, other traits that might make them more inclined for such behavior, or the “slob” trait from potentially drinking another student’s water), drama club (from kissing scenes and potential water bottle mishaps), or the acting career (same as drama club). A sim carrying Mononucleosis in an infectious period may spread it through kiss-tagged interactions. Mono symptoms include sore throat, fever, fatigue (faster energy decay), and chills. After a bout of Mono, the sim will be immune to ever getting the illness again.

TREATMENT: None, except to keep your Sims home and comfortable.

(NEW) Heart Attacks

If your Sim is continually in a state of high blood pressure or dealing with other related health risks, they could experience a Heart Attack. These events occur when a Sim suddenly feels terrible chest pains and dizziness. 

When this occurs, you will need to set up an Emergency Bypass Surgery appointment where they can immediately be seen for surgery. 

As with all Medical Emergencies, there is a chance of possible death if surgery doesn't take place as well as while in surgery. 

After surgery, your Sim will be sent to the hospital to recover for about two Sim weeks. Then they will need to start taking Clopidogrel in order to stabilize their heart condition and prevent future Heart Attacks. The more Heart Attacks a Sim experiences, the more likelihood of death to occur.

TREATMENT: (objects found in Build/Buy - search Private Practice/Capsule Kiosks/by purchasing through a computer, pillboxes, and medicine cabinets): 

Your Sim will now have the below custom cabinets available for them to purchase in Build/Buy as well as Pillboxes. 

With Cabinets, you get the added function of storing and purchasing our medication if your Sim has gone to their first checkup. If it is a mirrored Cabinet, they still have the same functionality as other mirrors in-game. And we didn't stop there! We also added the ability to store and purchase medicine in EA's Base Game mirrored cabinets. 

All Pillboxes can be stored in the Sim's inventory or on any surface. Due to a game limitation, they will need to be on a surface to access the options to Open or Purchase medication

As mentioned before, you can now purchase your Sim's medication with our new Medicine Cabinets or Pillboxes. In addition to that, we've also added the interaction with computers.

In addition, we added some notable small updates to this mod that we thought would make it even better.

  • New Cheat: Activate Ultra Disinfectant - turns a sim into a Disease Curing Machine, curing all diseases from any sim nearby; this can be deactivated afterward with Deactivate Ultra Disinfectant within the same menu. 

  • Added support for San Sequoia and Chestnut Ridge in the Allergies System.
  • New allergy category - Grass; currently only applies to Prairie Grass in Chestnut Ridge or if it grows on the lot - pollinates in Summer, so handling Prairie Grass with a sim that has a grass allergy gives off a new buff.
  • Now players will be notified when a sim has fought off an illness. This should show immediately once exposed to a Sim with the Ultra Disinfectant cheat has been enabled on them. 

If you are new to this Private Practice process, this section will get you started preparing your save for the new options provided by this mod. You will need a lot with the Private Practice Lot Trait to get started. This can be any type of lot that is non-residential except for LittleMsSam's Medical Clinic. If you would like just a Clinic, you can use the Generic lot type with this lot trait. I made a test clinic (Newcrest Health Center) for you as well, so you don't have to build one immediately. It will provide an example of what you will need for each function of the Clinic and see the potential for additional features to come. You can then build whatever kind of Clinic you would like. To add my test Medical Center to your game, you can either use the tray files included in the mod download and put it in your Tray folder or look up the EA Account ID: SimRealist. When placing a pre-built Medical Clinic or Center, please be sure to go into Build Mode, confirm the correct lot type and trait, and then SAVE before attempting your first appointment.

The release of Private Practice 2.0.0 included Kate Emerald's Clinics and Center, which l  also made available for you to use with this mod. They will be available in the Gallery under the SimRealist name as well. We've also included the Generic (Newcrest) Health Center and Kate's builds in the attached download for your convenience. 

Objects you will need to have a complete Medical Clinic or Center are below. Kiosks and Sample Cart can be found in Community Items. The Private Practice sign can be found in Wall Decorations. The Get to Work Exam Bed can be found under Recreation objects with cheats testingcheats true -> bb.showhiddenobjects.

Annual Thank You 2022

In December, we announced that we were planning to do another Annual Thank You gift since we liked offering this to our long-term patrons in 2019. We stepped it up a notch by removing the listing of Patrons from the mod's Welcome Notice and putting it in a new object, the Patron Plaque. This Plaque is the reuse of EA’s Might Plaque of Honor that came with Get to Work. We customized it to now show the Mortem logo and make it base game compatible. You can find this Plaque under the Generic Community Objects or just by searching Mortem Plaque.

This Plaque not only holds all the Active Patrons of a year or more as of Oct. 1, 2021, listing but also a new simple investment feature! Your Sim can now "invest" in Mortem's Funeral Homes by buying shares. Depending on how many shares Sim has will determine how much dividend income they will receive each week. We have it set to §125 dividends a week per share (1 share = §2,500). This Dividend will automatically deposit into the Sim's SNB account. This amount will never fluctuate since we didn't want to add in another complex system yet.

Compatible With:

Patch 05/28/2024 PC: / Mac:

Conflicts/Issues/Notable Items Observed:

  • Illnesses take some time to go away. Regular doses of required medication will alleviate symptoms and reduce illness time. 
  • Sometimes your Sim may put the Urine Sample Cup on another surface other than the Sample Cart. It is best to have the Sample Cart in the bathroom to avoid this, but the RNs will take care of picking it up even if it isn't in the right spot.
  • Private Practice clinic does not work on LittleMsSam's More Buyable Venue Medical Clinics.
  • Conflicts with any mod that uses this game resource file: S4_E882D22F_00000003_000000000001BDE2_hospitalExamBed_Patient_Sit_Idle_autonomous / 0xE882D22F-0x00000003-0x000000000001B408 / 0xE882D22F-0x00000003-0x000000000001B407 / 0xE882D22F-0x00000003-0x000000000001A519 / 0xE882D22F-0x00000003-0x000000000001BDE2 / 0xE882D22F-0x00000003-0x0000000000019DD6 / 0xE882D22F-0x00000003-0x0000000000019DEE / 0xE882D22F-0x00000003-0x000000000001C3CF
  • The Mirror, Mirror, on My Wall mirror and Shaker Maker mirror, where medication is ordered from them, do not load into the Sim's inventory like the NSB Medicine Cabinet. Pillboxes, the Capsule Kiosk, and Online Order work as expected. 




Thanks to the SR Linguists Team


  • Simplified Chinese
  • Czech 
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German 
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (BR)
  • Portuguese (PT)
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Thai


TURBODRIVER: for scripting assistance on push interactions and the game's UI dialogs. 

TURBODRIVER and frankk: for The One Py To Fix Them All script to mass update our mods for Patch 12/05/2023 PC: / Mac:

Nisa K: for scripting assistance and advice. 

Nies: for the addition of her Cooler Sickness Mod


  • Sims4Studio
  • Zerbu: Mod Constructor (V4)
  • Scumbumbo's XML Extractor
  • Neia's Create-A-Career Tool
  • Blender

Mod Support/Assistance:

If you are experiencing this issue with this mod, please head over to our Discord server channel: #simrealist-mod-support (https://discord.gg/W8Erfqu).


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