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  • Health Checkups for all Sims that have access to a phone.

  • Health Vital Points that allow users to measure their Sims' health.

    • Weight

    • Blood Pressure

  • Health Sciences Careers

  • Nies' Cooler Sickerness Mod - Scripted (Pre-Release)

    • Get to Work Illnesses with new, visible moodlets with strong mood effects.

    • Longer lasting Illnesses that don't disappear with travel.

    • Ability to call out of work when sick with these moodlets.

    • Off-screen NPC illness progression

  • Blood Pressure Hidden Factors: Now your Sims can be susceptible to High/Low Blood Pressure in varying degrees
  • Blood Pressure Reward Traits for the ultimate Health Story Customization
  • Basic Exercise Tracking for BP Affects. 
  • Fame perks and biology degrees now give their benefits to the health sciences career (Added with version

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Patch 02/4/2020 - PC: / MAC:

Current Issues:

  • None so far!





Languages included in this mod can be found in the "MORE INFORMATION" section below. 


TURBODRIVER: for scripting assistance

on push interactions and the game's UI dialogs. 

Nisa K: for scripting assistance and advice. 

Nies: for the addition of her Cooler Sickness Mod


  • Sims4Studio
  • Zerbu's Mod Constructor v2 
  • Scumbumbo's XML Extractor 
  • Neia's Create-A-Career Tool


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