PP (Pre-Release) - BP Reward Traits and Exercise Tracking

Want to customize your Sim's Blood Pressure susceptibility or resistance? Well with this update you can now purchase Reward Traits like Immunity to Low/High Blood Pressure!! Or if you prefer to develop a storyline where your Sim battles High Blood Pressure that's also an option.

Private Practice 1.1.0-2.0 Changelog from 1.1.0-1.0: 

- New reward traits can be bought from the satisfaction store:   

  • Susceptible to High Blood Pressure | cost: free   
  • Susceptible to Low Blood Pressure | cost: free   
  • Resistant to High Blood Pressure | cost: 1,000 satisfaction points   
  • Resistant to Low Blood Pressure | cost: 1,000 satisfaction points   
  • Immune to High Blood Pressure | cost: 2,000 satisfaction points   
  • Immune to Low Blood Pressure | cost: 2,000 satisfaction points 

- Buying one of these reward traits will replace any other reward traits affecting the same health issue that the sim had previously bought 

- These reward traits are separate from the hidden susceptible/resistant traits, and the effects from these two types of trait will combine together. 

Also included is a sort of Exercise Tracking system that takes into account your Sim's workout habits to help lower High Blood Pressure. 

Private Practice 1.1.0-3.0 Changelog from 1.1.0-2.0: 

- Exercising for 30 minutes a day is now needed for a sim to maintain the best chance of a healthy blood pressure. Not exercising will give a sim increased risk of high blood pressure. 

- When a sim is told they have high blood pressure in a health report, the tooltip will include advice to exercise for 30 minutes each day.

Private Practice 1.1.0-4.1 Changelog from 1.1.0-3.0: 

-If a sim completes the Medical Resident career but refuses the General Practitioner job offer phone call, or fails to receive the phone call, they can now randomly receive further job offer phone calls in the future.

Bugfixes also included:
- Notification when joining the Health Sciences Student career now displays properly

Private Practice 1.1.0 is currently only available for patrons. Become a patron to get access to the download.


Private Practice 1.1.0 will be publicly available for non-patrons on September 28th.

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